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Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – I: You’re Living in the Past


I: You’re Living in the Past Now Available! $1

Thought I’d start with the afterward of the mini this time around, as it’s a genuinely wonderful thing and deserves to be quoted in its entirety: “Though both Eve and Josh do appreciate your patronage, it is their sincerest wish that next time you drop in to examine their wares you spring for something other than the cheapest book on the table.” Of course, that only counts at conventions (and it’s something I do everywhere, but then again I’m the guy trying to sample the wares of every table). For buying stuff online, I think it’s the best way to figure out if somebody is right for you. Maybe you looked at those Icecreamlandia samples and thought they were a bit too odd, or maybe that gigantic $3.50 scared you off. Whatever the case, now you have smaller, cheaper bites to check out. Oh yeah, how about that comic? It’s a shortie, hence the price, and subjects in here include a eulogy, columns, the Hollywood golden age, prank calls, and smart keys. Explaining this stuff in detail takes away some oomph, so I’ll just say that if you enjoy random funny and/or insightful unconnected bits strung together in a loose comic format, this is now officially in the price range of even the poorest person with an internet connection.

Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – III: About Yr Future


Set of all three minis from the online store

III: About Yr Future Now Available! $1

OK fine, I can’t stall any more, I have to read the last of the comics from these giants of men (and women, although I meant “men” in the “mankind” sense, although some people take offense to that, so…).  I’m not seeing anything new at their website either, other than some anthologies, which is a damned shame.  Everybody who has read this site and/or these comics (and really, why would you read this site without giving at least one of these books a chance?) knows the general format of these books, so I’ll skip over that.  Topics include the general awesomeness of Star Trek fans, the maid from the Jetsons, Mad Max vs. Power Rangers, Alphabot, and the single creepiest panel I may have ever seen in comics.  OK, probably not ever, as I’m sure there are plenty I’m blocking out for the sake of my sanity, but a woman baby-talking to her cat about how she’s going to turn her paws into earrings when the cat dies had me almost snort the water I was drinking, vaudeville style.  Kudos to the both of them for that.  No more comics from these two, which means everybody reading this should buy all their books (from them as well as me) to convince them to make a whole bunch of comics again.  Think of it as your civic duty to keep the quality books coming.  $1

Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – II: No Time Like the Present


Set of all three minis from the online store

II: No Time Like the Present Now Available! $1

I’m going to assume that everybody out there is up to date about these wonderful people (or wonderfully creative people anyway, for all I know they’re both assholes (but I doubt it)) and their thoroughly unique take on comics and leave it at that.  If you’re not, scroll around the page, that’s why I keep all these rambles up at all times, even when I read them years later and am horribly embarrassed by some remarkably stupid thing that I’ve said.  This is the second part of their series for poor people, a sort of drug dealerish effort to get people hooked in with a cheap taste of their take on various stupid and ridiculous people taken in a snapshot piece of text describing that moment in their lives.  Topics this time include crippled royalty, a Hitler moustache, a pickup gimmick, kids liking cake, awesomeness, office humor, pagans, and a musical interlude.  Look, if you can look around at all these samples and not find anything funny, feel free to avoid these books.  If you’re like most other people with a sense of humor, pick these up already, they’ve been up on this page for years now. $1

Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – Icecreamlandia #3


Icecreamlandia #3 Now Available! $3.50

Boo-hoo, this is my last issue of Icecreamlandia to review! Can you tell that I like this comic yet? This one has fewer isolated panels, which would be a bad thing, but they make up for that with more extended dialogue with swimmers and wrestlers, so the universe is at balance once again. Isolated panels include debating whether or not animals have souls, an adorable little girl, working at Family Video (or maybe I’m just projecting past experience here), the janitor, family vacation, 99 red bananas, ice skating, our one lord and savior, the artistic merits of Chumbawamba, and Geronimo. After taking an issue or so to get in the swing of things with this series, I have to say that I love what they’re doing and think that everybody reading this should sell all their belongings to buy their comics and make them as rich as is humanly possible. Come on, cough it up! Contact info is up there, these are $3.50 each…

Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – Icecreamlandia #2


Icecreamlandia #2 Now Available! $3.50

Here’s another of my lame attempts to define this series, as if attempting to define a comic was in any way a worthwhile pursuit: it’s kind of like flipping the channels late at night and not resting on anything for longer than a few seconds. Really, this is one of those cases where the only way this is going to make any sense to you would be to check it out for yourselves. I’ve probably said that more than a few times over the last three years, but I don’t think it’s ever been more true than with this. Snippets in this issue include forced dialogue from a game show, a chemistry joke, a wicked mullet, being totally freaked, a pregnant doll, Jesus, puking, having no gag reflex, and a Predator. See, I tried to tell you that it wouldn’t make any sense. This is one of the more innovative series that I’ve seen, and a trip to their website might just help to convince you of that fact. $3.50

Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – Icecreamlandia #1


Icecreamlandia #1 Now Available! $3.50

Here you have a comic with no obvious plot, no recurring characters to tie anything together, and no obvious reason for being. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. What you have is a collection of one page testimonials from various people who are either living, dead or imaginary, loosely tied together by some sort of a newscast. I say “tied together” only because the newscast is the only thing in the book that happens more than once. Other than that you get to see a resigned old woman, a man in a rat suit, a small child, and Wonder Woman, among many others. There’s not a single thing I can compare this with, with possible exception of certain panels from Duplex Planet, but that’s a tenuous connection at best. The website tells you all you need to know, this is $3.50 and this is a comic you’re not likely to easily forget. Also, there’s a naked picture of the creators in the back…