Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – Icecreamlandia #3


Icecreamlandia #3 Now Available! $3.50

Boo-hoo, this is my last issue of Icecreamlandia to review! Can you tell that I like this comic yet? This one has fewer isolated panels, which would be a bad thing, but they make up for that with more extended dialogue with swimmers and wrestlers, so the universe is at balance once again. Isolated panels include debating whether or not animals have souls, an adorable little girl, working at Family Video (or maybe I’m just projecting past experience here), the janitor, family vacation, 99 red bananas, ice skating, our one lord and savior, the artistic merits of Chumbawamba, and Geronimo. After taking an issue or so to get in the swing of things with this series, I have to say that I love what they’re doing and think that everybody reading this should sell all their belongings to buy their comics and make them as rich as is humanly possible. Come on, cough it up! Contact info is up there, these are $3.50 each…

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