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Englezos, Eve & Moutray, Joshua – I: You’re Living in the Past


I: You’re Living in the Past Now Available! $1

Thought I’d start with the afterward of the mini this time around, as it’s a genuinely wonderful thing and deserves to be quoted in its entirety: “Though both Eve and Josh do appreciate your patronage, it is their sincerest wish that next time you drop in to examine their wares you spring for something other than the cheapest book on the table.” Of course, that only counts at conventions (and it’s something I do everywhere, but then again I’m the guy trying to sample the wares of every table). For buying stuff online, I think it’s the best way to figure out if somebody is right for you. Maybe you looked at those Icecreamlandia samples and thought they were a bit too odd, or maybe that gigantic $3.50 scared you off. Whatever the case, now you have smaller, cheaper bites to check out. Oh yeah, how about that comic? It’s a shortie, hence the price, and subjects in here include a eulogy, columns, the Hollywood golden age, prank calls, and smart keys. Explaining this stuff in detail takes away some oomph, so I’ll just say that if you enjoy random funny and/or insightful unconnected bits strung together in a loose comic format, this is now officially in the price range of even the poorest person with an internet connection.