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Strom, Rebecca – Mint on Your Pillow #5


Mint On Your Pillow #5

It’s been a long time between comics (at least the ones that I’ve seen), but Rebecca is still going strong. This is the most linear and coherent of the Mints yet, as it deals mostly with her time teaching art to small children of various ages and the hazards associated with it. Well, maybe not so much “hazards” as “shenanigans”. Those kids will eat anything. Also in here are stories about hanging out with her friends, drinking margueritas, making peanut butter cups, and some unfortunately tiny text here and there, but she says the pages are up on her website so don’t worry about it. One minor complaint: please make sure all the words fit on the page. I know this is almost impossible with some copiers (and/or the staff running the copiers), but I’m still not entirely sure what was said there on page 4. Something about watching cats. Regardless, good stuff again, and still delightfully cheap at $1.

Strom, Rebecca – Mint on Your Pillow #4


Mint on Your Pillow #4 Now Available! $1

Hooray, I now have all of Rebecca Strom’s comics for sale! For anybody who’s interested, I said all those nice things about the other issues before they were for sale here, in case people think I’m just talking up the books that I sell. Just to clear up any confusion, however, all of the nice things I’m saying about future issues are going to be with the knowledge that I’m selling them. All clear? Good. Here’s another fine comic from this woman. About the only negative thing I can say about these is that they bear no resemblance to a coherent narrative, but that’s not the point (as far as I can see) anyway. Her books are a collection of thoughts and moments from her days, some memorable, some not so much. This one has snippets of waiting in line, wet socks, late night coffee, a fender bender, a bruised butt, the mob, changing the sheets after a breakup, and a few more things, but why spoil all the surprises? This one’s a buck, contact info is up there, unless, of course, you’d rather just buy some of her comics from me…

Strom, Rebecca – Mint on Your Pillow #3


Mint on Your Pillow #3 Now Available! $1

Wow, if I had any doubts about whether or not my new scanner was worth the money, compare the samples to #3 for the rest of the issues on this page. Of course, the cover is really orange and not yellow, but I’ll take that over how bad the other samples look. I plan on re-scanning everything eventually, by the way, probably when I get my legs chopped off and I can sit around scanning stuff all day. Wasn’t I supposed to be reviewing something? Oh yeah. This is another solid issue of Rebecca’s book. She says in here that she thinks Jeff Brown is cute, so I think they should get married and have kids that do the best comics in the world. Hey. I’m thinking long term here. In here are stories about family, Halloween, Thanksgiving, writing letters, kitties, salt in coffee, and Elf World. I think her books manage to be insightful and adorable at times, which is an amazing balance in my book. I’m guessing this is still $1, and if you haven’t checked out anything from her yet, it looks like she’s committed (hey #3 of a series is impressive these days). She’s got some serious talent, so buy some of her comics!

Strom, Rebecca – Mint on Your Pillow #2


Mint on Your Pillow #2 Now Available! $1

It’s usually not a bad sign when the worst thing I can say about a book is that it’s too short. Well, I suppose I could also complain about the fact that it’s a bit hard to read in places but, as it’s a sketchbook at times (and obviously shrunk down for the format), that’s a minor thing. More of Rebecca’s musings and going about her day. In here she gets a new haircut, attends MOCCA in New York and takes an art history class. Again, these kinds of things might sound dull, but that’s just because I’m describing them. Give Rebecca a chance and you’ll see that’s not the case. The pages of this are yellow, in case you were wondering. I just decided that my scanner probably couldn’t handle it and you’d probably be able to see the sample better in black and white, so here you go. Everybody send her an e-mail, buy this and bug her to put out more comics!

Strom, Rebecca – Mint on Your Pillow #1


Mint on Your Pillow #1 Now Available! $1

See? I told you I’d get around to this one sooner or later. Of course, you could probably find dozens of pages on here with some kind of a “I’ll review the rest of this stuff later, I promise” only to find that I’ve never updated it again. But enough about me and my laziness, this is about Rebecca’s other wonderful comic. I’m a sucker for the quiet ones, what can I say, and this one fits the bill. There’s a short story about letter boxing (just go here to find out what’s it about if you’re curious), plenty of stuff about how crappy work is and, boredom and random observations. She has an eye for noticing the simple and true things about the world and her comics are a perfect example of this. This one’s only a buck, I think you should get both of the comics she has available but, if you can only get one, get this one. Contact info is up there…

Strom, Rebecca – Becky in the Big Apple


Becky in the Big Apple Now Available! $2

Stupid crappy scanner… There’s all kinds of autobio stories out there, and plenty of them are dull because they tell you way too much of a fairly dull life. Rebecca’s stories are remarkable because of what she leaves unsaid more than anything else. Her comics are a collection of flashes of her day. Just a little thing here or there and you don’t even realize the picture she’s painting until the book is done and you’re left with the much larger whole. The art is kind of scrunched in places, but that is my only very minor complaint with this. I thought this was an incredible book and I’m really hoping that she does more comics in the future. Here’s her website, check out some of her samples because I doubt if you can see much with my scan. Oh, and this one is $2, along with another one that’s $1 that I’ll get to one of these days…