Strom, Rebecca – Becky in the Big Apple


Becky in the Big Apple Now Available! $2

Stupid crappy scanner… There’s all kinds of autobio stories out there, and plenty of them are dull because they tell you way too much of a fairly dull life. Rebecca’s stories are remarkable because of what she leaves unsaid more than anything else. Her comics are a collection of flashes of her day. Just a little thing here or there and you don’t even realize the picture she’s painting until the book is done and you’re left with the much larger whole. The art is kind of scrunched in places, but that is my only very minor complaint with this. I thought this was an incredible book and I’m really hoping that she does more comics in the future. Here’s her website, check out some of her samples because I doubt if you can see much with my scan. Oh, and this one is $2, along with another one that’s $1 that I’ll get to one of these days…

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