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Gaynor, Jerome – Punk Anonymous #9


Punk Anonymous #9

He had to change the name because of some crappy funk band, but it’s still the same comic. The comic about him dying, going to heaven and meeting Cyndi Lauper is fantastic, but overall this one’s a bit thin on actual comics. Still a lot of content though and still worth getting, as are all the ones I’ve seen. Sorry if all the samples I’m using are depressing. Most of his comics at least seem slightly upbeat, but I’m using mostly the one or two page strips, which all seem to be depressing. Or maybe it’s all just the mood I’m in and I’m projecting, I don’t know. Anyway, buy them all and make Jerome a rich man.

Gaynor, Jerome – Funkapotamus #7


Funkapotamus #7

Dreams, teenage memories and feeling like shit. All great tools when the artist knows what he/she is doing, and Jerome certainly does. Anybody out there know why he hardly does comics any more? Am I just missing them? Doesn’t look like it, according to his page, but at least he’s working on a lot of stuff. You can’t go wrong with these minis, what can I say? Whenever I scrounge up a few bucks (after FLUKE, that’s for sure) I’m going to try and get some of the issues I missed years ago.

Gaynor, Jerome – Funkapotamus #6


Funkapotamus #6

Jerome would have been on here from day one if I had known that he was still around. I hadn’t seen anything from him since #9 of this series, and that was at least six years ago, so I just kind of assumed that he had stopped doing comics. Shows what I know, and that a little research can go a long way. This one isn’t available but I’m putting it up here anyway because it was in my pile of Funkapotamus minis. OK? Anyway, he’s one of the originals that I started reading way back when I was getting into small press stuff, so it’s tough for me to be objective about this. Random poetry and stories about killing time as a teenager are all over the place in these books, and he does both pretty well. You can’t buy this one but there are plenty of other ones available on his website. Here’s a couple of samples so you don’t feel like my putting this one up was a total waste of time…

Gaynor, Jerome (editor) – Flying Saucer Attack


Flying Saucer Attack

Here’s a partial list of who’s in this: Jessica Abel, Joe Chiapetta, Jennifer Daydreamer, Fawn Gehweiler, Tom Hart, Megan Kelso, James Kochalka, Dave Lasky, Ted May, John Porcellino, Brian Ralph, Zak Sally, Jeff Zenick, Jenny Zervakis and Aleksander Zograf. There’s more, and I can’t believe that there’s no review for this anywhere on my site, as it’s really one of the best anthologies of all time, not that I’m biased or anything. It’s also from 1995, so it’s one of the early small press books that I read, so there’s probably a bit of nostalgia going on over here. Still, take a look of that list of talent and tell me that it wouldn’t be great.

Gaynor, Jerome (editor) – Bogus Dead


Bogus Dead Now Available! $10

I knew as soon as I saw this book that it was going to be great. Here I am, in the middle of my personal “anthology week”, and I’ve already read the best of the bunch. Prove me wrong, people! Anyway, this is a collection of the best small press people (although why John Porcellino isn’t in here is beyond me) doing zombie stories. As that combines two of my favorite things in the world, they’d have to do a lot wrong for me to hate this and, well, they didn’t. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish, everything in here was tremendously innovative. I mean, there are only so many things you can do with zombies. That’s what I thought before I read this, and I’m more than happy to stand corrected. I’m not going to list everybody in here, as there are 43 folks and you can just go here and order the thing for $10 and read everything you need to know about it. Highlights? OK, but you have to understand first that everything was a highlight, these are just some moments that stood out: Tom Hart with the married zombies, Graham Annable with the almost somber “Revenge”, and Ariel Bordeaux’s ghost being embarrassed by her zombie body. Simply put, it’s the best anthology I’ve read in quite a while.