Gaynor, Jerome – Funkapotamus #6


Funkapotamus #6

Jerome would have been on here from day one if I had known that he was still around. I hadn’t seen anything from him since #9 of this series, and that was at least six years ago, so I just kind of assumed that he had stopped doing comics. Shows what I know, and that a little research can go a long way. This one isn’t available but I’m putting it up here anyway because it was in my pile of Funkapotamus minis. OK? Anyway, he’s one of the originals that I started reading way back when I was getting into small press stuff, so it’s tough for me to be objective about this. Random poetry and stories about killing time as a teenager are all over the place in these books, and he does both pretty well. You can’t buy this one but there are plenty of other ones available on his website. Here’s a couple of samples so you don’t feel like my putting this one up was a total waste of time…

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