Kapolczynski, Matt – Marbled Up: Instant Comic

April 24, 2010


Marbled Up: Instant Comic

I always love the follow up issue, especially when it comes out years after the first one. What’s the artist been up to? Was the promise/crappiness of the first book fulfilled? Well, I liked this one too, but a lot of it wasn’t even done by Matt. Seth Tucker, Mark Paulsen and Walter Piper all contributed stories, making this feel more like an anthology than anything else. Matt seems to have gone through a lot of changes since the last issue came out, giving him a chance to get some perspective on how things really are. I’m usually a little irritated when the author makes a comic directly addressing the audience, but Matt had an awful lot of good points about life so I can’t really be annoyed with him. It’s even more of a hodge-podge than the first issue, but it’s still good. The fancier cover makes it $3 this time around, but check it out, it’s worth it. Contact info is above, or you can send him money at: 145 N. Park Ave. Lombard, IL 60148.