Priddy, Joel – The Preposterous Voyages of Ironside Tom


The Preposterous Voyages of Ironside Tom

How on earth did I miss out on this guy? Joel put out a graphic novel called Pulpatoon: Pilgrimage a few years back and I missed it completely. I’m ruing that fact because that book is a wonderful, wonderful thing that I’d recommend as highly as possible even if it wasn’t free. If you’re reading this currently (or sometime before 5/6/06, which is free comic day and if you live near a halfway decent comic shop this should be available), then don’t forget to go and get this. If not, I’ll bet that website up there has some info on how you can get it after the fact. Have I even mentioned the comic yet? It’s the minimalist adventures of Ironhide Tom, a man born of a drunk sailor and a typhoon. I sampled his origin below, but suffice to say that Tom speaks like a pirate throughout, which is always a good thing, and has all sorts of adventures that all seem to end up the same way: with Tom penniless and ready for more adventure. And kids, if you ever thought that you couldn’t do comics because of a lack of drawing ability, look no further than this comic. I’m not saying that Joel can’t draw, far from it in fact, but he has minimal interpretations of pirates, elephants, an underwater realm, scorpions, a seahorse, and more things than you’d believe and they’re all gorgeous. Then he goes and ruins it by drawing some seriously impressive non-minimal sea monsters, which only makes the whole package that much better. This is a blast from start to finish, and I plan on getting that older graphic novel at the free comics day (if my local store is smart enough to carry it), so maybe I can tell you more about Joel soon. For now, I’d recommend checking this out if it was $5, but for $0 you’d have to be crazy not to check it out.

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