Prince, Liz – Delayed Replays #1


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Delayed Replays #1

Who out there loves the diary strips? Oh come on, most of the people who read this site do, as I talk about them on a fairly regular basis. Well, here’s another one, full of all sorts of cuteness (although a bit too cute at times) and observations about things. Sorry, “things” is a bit of a cop-out, but it never gets too deep here, so I think “things” is an OK way to describe it. What kind of things? Snow, her cat, her boyfriend, boogers, farting, video games, boredom, and frog feet. Among other things, but it’s a quick read, so why spoil it? The art is adorable, if maybe a little too sloppy at times, or maybe I’m just becoming a curmudgeon and I can’t stand sloppiness. You damned kids! Still, a good book overall, and she has something coming out from Top Shelf next month, which should be a good chance to get a whole bunch of these strips, if I’m guessing correctly… $3

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