Anniversary Week Extravaganza! Day 3 (8/17/16)

Quite a lot of flashbacks are hitting me as I dig through the archives; even a surface dig of this many reviews is bound to do that. What happened to all these artists who released a half dozen books over the course of a few years and then vanished? Are they happy and fulfilled now? Are they still drawing but just no longer releasing comics? What about Tony Consiglio, who was a favorite of mine for years (and who had the best rebuttal to Dave Sim’s speech at SPACE 2004 that was humanly possible)? Drop me a line is you’re somehow reading this, sent me comics to reviews many years ago and are still reading about comics while not making them. I do wonder sometimes

Emi Gennis (I don’t think she’s actually been around that long but I’m cheating on this one)

Jenny Gonzalez

John Hankiewicz

Tom Hart

Sam Henderson

Paul Hornschemeier

Kevin Huizenga

Max Ink

Rob Jackson

Dave Kiersh

James Kochalka

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