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“Update” for 9/27/23

Yeah, this week has gotten away from me, so no reviews until next week. But it’s almost time for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (technically there are already a few events going on here and there), so if you’re anywhere near Ohio this weekend, it’s very much worth a trip. No entry fee to get in! The Billy Ireland Museum, which is my biggest blind spot so far living in Ohio, is giving out guided tours for the next couple of days too. They boast having the largest collection of comic/cartoon memorabilia in the world, and I have no reason to doubt them. And, once again, if you’re at the convention and see a blond dude with glasses wearing either a King Cat or Tortilla Comix t-shirt, it’s a me! Come say hi.

Update for 9/21/23

It’s the last of the weekly Zoonbats updates for now, this time for Zoonbats Chapter 4 by Giles O’Dell. What will be the next weekly comic to be reviewed? Eh, I’m guessing nothing, at least for now. Back to random comic reviews!

Update for 9/19/23

New review today for Santos Sisters #5 by Greg and Fake Petre. So did anybody else know that Beetlejuice was also a musical?

Update for 9/13/23

New review today for Zoonbats Chapter 3 by Giles O’Dell. One more of these left for the weekly reviews, unless he has a surprise chapter coming out soon…

Update for 9/11/23

New review today for Perry Shitlife by S.R. Arnold. If you’re upset that you were promised Perry Nolife, just be patient, why don’t you?

Update for 9/7/23

New review today for Zoonbats Chapter 2 by Giles O’Dell. Oh, did I not mention that I’ll be doing weekly reviews of this book? Yep. There are only four of them available right now, so I’m already halfway done. Which will just about take me up to Cartoon Crossroads in Columbus at the end of September, where I should be able to get all kinds of new stuff.

Update for 9/5/23

New review today for Jones Crusher Stamps Out Da Freakz by Marino Yinug I think. Read the review for more exciting details on why I’m not sure about the name!

Update for 8/31/23

New review today for Smooth Moves by Andrew Neal, otherwise known as Meeting Comics #28.

Update for 8/29/23

It’s another comic that hasn’t been around these parts for over a decade, this time the triumphant return of Zoonbats (Chapter 1) by Giles O’Dell!

Update for 8/23/23

New review today for the return of Noah Snograss, with Untamed Highway #1. Not the Untamed Highway #1 that I reviewed almost two decades ago, but a new one.

Update for 8/21/23

OK, I’m back. It was a busier election than you’d think, considering how stupid the issue was. I even had a block of time carved out last weekend to post some reviews, but I made the fatal mistake of taking a “quick” nap. Four hours later, my day was shot, so here are some reviews instead. New review today for the final (at least for now) volume of The Lighthouse in the City by Karl Christian Krumpholz!

Update for 8/2/23

New review today for Town & County #3 by Alex Nall, and a little advance notice for once: chances are there won’t be any reviews next week, as yet another election season is going to keep me working on things other than comics. So, if you live in Ohio and would prefer that you ever have a chance to question a decision from this state legislature again, I’d strongly advise voting “no” on the only issue on the August ballot. Unless you think they’re likely to get every decision right from now on, in which case do what you’d like. I should be back next week with more reviews, but this is also a solid chance for y’all to send along any review comics that you’ve been sitting on.

Update for 7/31/23

New review today for You Don’t Get There From Here #58 by Carrie McNinch. Yep, that number is accurate. That’s a lot of comics, but don’t fret, new comics creators! You can get there too!

Update for 7/27/23

New review today for Nod Away Volume 2 by Joshua W. Cotter, and I’m curious about something. Does this website have any juice at all? By that I mean that Joshua is going to need money to complete all 7 volumes of this series, and since it has the potential to be a high water mark for comics, it surely would be great if that happened. So if I put up a link to his fundraiser, are there any people reading this who could spare even $5 or $10 for the man? I’ll check it in a few weeks and see if that needle has budged. It’s always possible that I’ve been shouting into the void for 22 (!) years, I am well aware of that…

Update for 7/25/23

Sorry about the unplanned week off, but things are getting busy at work again with this ridiculous August election coming up. If you live in Ohio and think maybe the state legislature will ever make a mistake again, meaning you’d like the chance to correct it at the ballot box with 50% + 1 of the vote rather than 60% of the vote, you should vote “no” on the only issue on the ballot. You’ll be in and out in no time, and early voting is happening now. Oh, and there’s a new review today for Santos Sisters #4 by Greg and Fake Petre. Probably should have mentioned that first, but this election is bugging me. I hide it well, I know…

Update for 7/13/23

New review today for the last of the SPX previews (for now?): Shadow Hills by Sean Ford. Three out of three were amazing, so if you’re on the fence about trying to make the show, I’ve given you at least three solid reasons…

Update for 7/11/23

New review today for Odd Clods #2 by Steve Steiner, and hey, if you’re in Ohio, early voting starts today for that sneaky August election that Republicans snuck in to try to override the November election before it even happens. Vote accordingly!

Update for 7/5/23

New review today for I Am Only A Foreigner Because You Do Not Understand by L. Nichols. Which is coming out at SPX in early September, so if you’re looking for sneak previews of the show, I’ve got at least one more review for an SPX debut soon…

Update for 7/3/23

New review today for Blirps #4 by Brian Canini, as the eternal quest to keep up with his comics continues.

Update for 6/29/23

New review today for The Amazing Camel Toe by Claire Duplan. Was this another accidental international week, as Andrew is in Australia and Claire is in France? Yep, looks like it…