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I’ve been asked to not pull any punches here, so I’m going to go right for the jugular: this book is hilarious. There, take that! It’s all about Manny Spitowski before and after he realizes that his saliva in contact with another humans skin will cause them to explode. So instead of some grand adventure about a superhero determined to right wrongs, this is all about Manny getting even with a bunch of people from high school who picked on him in high school, annoying people, and random folks who just happen to be standing around. Hilarity ensues. If some of you don’t believe that, or just don’t think that concept could be funny, take a look at the lower right corner of the sample. Could anybody who draws Osama bin Laden like that be all bad? The great price mystery continues, but let’s say it’s $3 and move on. Contact info up there, you should really get ahold of some of these books if you like funny.


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