Teardroppe Comiques Spectaculare #4 by Matthew Teardrop

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It never ceases to amaze me how comics can get lost on this site. I got this four years ago (it’s 4/4/09), but somehow I never manged to ramble about it, not even a little bit. So, with the distance of time, how does it hold up? This mini had its moments, granted, and with the tiny price tag of $1 I suppose that’s all it had to do. Subjects in here include dealing with the consequences of escalating a war on a fly, life being miserable over the long run, hilarious child abduction, business etiquette, getting advice from Charles Manson, and the immortality of the brain. The bulk of the comic is an extended story dealing with a young man who sets a genie free, but finds out to his horror that he’s actually the one who has to give the genie three wishes. Hilarious all the way through, and Matthew even manages to end it with quite a punchline. Other than that this book also has a fair pile of funny three panel strips, still something of a rarity in my experience. Ah, no reason to be harsh to this comic at all. Plenty of bang for your buck, the good far outweighs the bad or mediocre.


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