Teardroppe Comiques Spectaculare #2 by Matthew Teardrop

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More funnies from Matthew, and if you’ve read this page a few times you probably already have a fairly good idea whether or not you think this kind of thing is funny. Lucky for me I do, so I’ll just work from that. In here you have the new mini by the Grim Reaper, more from The Square and The Egghead, a robot hair salon, Old Mr. Tree, being a “player”, a brief commentary on The Scream, President Monkey, the Porno family, Bernard the Bumbling Terrorist, and one really crappy party. Oh, and more than a few newspaper style strips, most of which are pretty funny. That fantastic cover by Barry Rodges wraps around as well, but it’s hard to capture that sort of thing in a scan, and shame on you if you don’t know who that is.


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