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Have you ever wanted to see Skeletor wearing a bikini? Or perhaps Michael Jackson with a robot body? Your dream has come true. Here’s the basic premise of this book: there are four panels on each “page”, cut separately. There’s artwork on the front and back of each panel, with all sorts of different people, animals and things involved. It goes about the way you would expect, with a head up top, a torso below that, legs below that, and ending with some variation of feet. And yes, there’s even text here and there, just in case you need that for this to qualify as a “comic”. This either sounds like a blast to you or it doesn’t, probably depending on your opinion of the previous work of Mark and Esther, but I liked it. It’s on that short list of comics that would be good to have hanging around your apartment if you were hosting a party, as drunks could have hours of fun with this thing.


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