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With Renee, most people already have their minds made up. If I say that this book is a series of drawings of deformed girls and rabbits, accompanied by a brief description of the subject and the circumstances where the drawing took place, you’re probably either intrigued or just think she’s being “weird” again and you have no interest. To which I say, well, more for us I guess, although you should really think about expanding your horizons just a bit. This is a fairly simple concept, as I described above, but I found myself eventually being drawn into the sad life of the fictional sketch artist, Edison Steelhead, and his sad, lonely life, told only in the briefest of descriptive sentences. Add to that the sight of a lineup of deformed rabbits and little girls and it’s hard not to be the slightest bit moved by the whole spectacle. All told, it’s another unique and indispensable comic from Renee, like everything else I’ve seen from her.


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