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Were you (or are you, I suppose) one of those kids who made up their own cast of heroes and villains while in school? Usually it would happen in lulls in class while you were supposed to be doing something else, or at least that’s how it worked for me and my friends in school. Chances are those notebooks are now long gone, but lucky for you Mark Todd seems to have not thrown anything away from when he was a kid. This is a fat book of poorly drawn oddballs, with a few thrown in here and there that still manage to be awesome. Giraffey, Splopy, Wobbler, Trylox and Sloth are some of the many highlights, but the stats accompanying all the characters are the real prize. Who are their friends and enemies? What are their special powers? How about their overall rating and strength level? If you’re looking for a coherent story, obviously this isn’t the place to go. If you’re looking to kick back with a bit of nostalgia and/or have kids, this book is a blast.


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