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Abadzis, Nick – Sunspots



Before I say anything at all about this comic, I want you to look up at the other work of his I had read, The Amazing Mr. Pleebus. Now I want you to look at a sample from this comic.

Granted, I didn’t think that Nick only did children’s books, but this range of stories was a very welcome surprise. You have a man telling the story of the life he would like to live (my favorite in the bunch, it involves him living in hotels and having sex with the fattest prostitutes he can find after his band plays), a man who floats, an agnostic dog, a sheep with an identity crisis, a lighthouse named Eric, and two men who are on very different life paths. All kinds of great stuff in here and this is well worth checking out, especially for anybody who’s read all the Mr. Pleebus stuff and thinks they know what Nick is all about. Send the man an e-mail and see what other things he’s done. Oh, I should also mention that these are all from the early to mid 90’s, so I’m not sure where his focus is these days.