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Well, there it is, one more mystery of the universe solved. Turns out that Brian is a MUCH better artist when he takes his time (even though this is a 24 hour comic, it looks better than any of the other 24 hour comics I can think of offhand). One thing I miss about 24 hour comics, if I can be an old fogey for a second here, is that people used to put how long the things took them at some point in the comic. Alex Robinson is the best example I can think of, as he also pointed out how much of a bad idea the whole thing was the further along he got, and that’s the kind of insight I miss in these things. OK, trip down memory lane over. This is the story of an unnamed man (probably Brian, but who knows?) who watches a PBS special on String Theory. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you’re obviously on the internet right now and can find out for yourself if you’re that curious. He decides to make a portal to visit an alternate dimension, which just so happens to work on the first try, and it takes him to a replica of his apartment with a few minor differences, and one major difference in the world that he can see right away: Michael J. Fox was never on Family Ties. The rest of the comic is a wandering tale about dimension hopping and sitting on the couch, but this had more of a plot than a lot of the 24 hour comics in the first few pages, so what more do you want? Some funny moments and it’s always good to see Michael J. in a comic. $2, contact info is up there!