Aulisio, Pat – Revolution With a Catchy Phrase Collected Edition

April 22, 2010


Revolution With A Catchy Phrase Collected Edition Now Available! $2

Who’s been saying all along that the comics are the best part of this zine? I think it was me, unless I kept those comments to myself, but I’ve been thinking it all along, I swear I have. Anyway, this isn’t a complete collection by any means, as those samples from the first two issues don’t seem to be in here, but all the good stuff from #5 and some other stuff that I’ve never seen is in here. There’s no way in hell that I can make this all make some kind of logical sense in a review, but it’s a blast and funny, so you could do a whole lot worse. Oh, OK, here goes: in here you have eggs, a recycled grandma, Boca, orange juice, and all the things I talked about in my review for #5. If that makes it sound like it’s not so complicated after all, that’s only because I’m not telling it right. Look, it’s a bit sloppy, granted, but this isn’t a story that you’ve ever seen before or will ever see again, which is always a plus in my book.