Smith, Jerry – Rattletrap #1

May 2, 2010



Rattletrap #1

Jerry clearly doesn’t subscribe to the theory that minis need flashy covers to attract attention.  He does, however, believe in cramming as much comic as humanly possible into minis, as it’s hard to get panels much smaller than this unless you want your characters to be dots (and bonus points to whichever reader gets that reference, although in this case “bonus points” means “feel free to feel good that you got the reference”).  There are a measly 7 pages of story here, and it’ll take you a good 15 minutes to read them.  This is mostly detailing the better part of a day in his life, as he talks about the aimlessness of his kids, figures out what to eat for dinner, worries about getting older, and chats with his wife.  No particularly grand insights here, unless you count everyday observances as insights (and you could certainly make that argument), but it’s still an informative an enlightening little book.  Or at least it is to somebody like me with 0 kids, as how exactly do you keep your child off the computer, or if you can’t how do you keep them away from things they probably shouldn’t be seeing?  I don’t think Jerry answers any of that definitively (and who could?), but he does manage to have some honest conversations on the subject.  Oh, and I almost forgot the back cover, in which he tells a completely different story about a local dog and their own dog.  It’s more than a little adorable, and it’s impressive how he manages to jump in himself at the end of the strip to give his address without it seeming forced.  This is listed as being the cost of a stamp, but I think sending the guy $1 is more than fair for this much comic.