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Alixopulos, Trevor – Quagga #5


Quagga #5

Three cheers for me getting to see two completely different styles of stories in two different issues of Quagga! Hey, as long as I’m keeping myself amused, right? This is about a couple of young women trying to have a good night of dancing and drinking. This happens after one of the women accidentally OD’s, but her drunk friend comes over and convinces her to go out. What follows is a confused night of drinking, dancing and going to parties, all while the OD’d woman tries to make some sense of her life and what everything means. A wonderful, insightful book, this is a full length story and I recommend it unreservedly. Everybody already knows all about this guy, right? It’s just me who’s coming in a bit late and trying to catch up, right? If not, check out his stuff immediately. Contact info is up there, this is probably $2.

Alixopulos, Trevor – Quagga #4


Quagga #4

“Odd Tales” indeed. What better way to describe a book with a ton of short stories in it? I’d heard more than a little bit about this guy, so I was thrilled to get his latest at SPX03 and I have to say that I liked most of it. Hey, that’s the nature of putting a bunch of stories in a book. Lots of one page gag strips, which were pretty solid, but the longest story in here was “Venereal Equinox”, a meandering tale about war, power, Halloween and philosophy. I don’t mean “meandering” to be too negative, it just seemed a bit dreamy. Liked the overall message though, not that I’m going to tell you guys or anything. The middle of the book is “Urban Pest Gallery”, a collection of the oddballs who apparently harass Trevor (or does he just prefer “Alixopulos”?) regularly. You can’t go wrong with funny, insightful comics. As for “The Posieville Posse”, I just didn’t get it. There, I said it. Maybe other issues would have helped, maybe my mind was wandering, but it didn’t do much for me. Then there are a few short pieces at the end with random humor and violence, and you end up with a pretty good book. It’s $2, e-mail the man or just go here to get that and most everything else that is good in the world of comics…