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Sell, Chad – Fool Girl: Of Monkeys and Masks



Fool Girl: Of Monkeys and Masks

If you don’t like this comic then I probably wouldn’t like you if I met you. There, I said it. Maybe I could see a person or two not buying it for that cover, thinking that it was another superhero comic (although her holding a six-pack, not to mention that monkey, should be enough to draw you in). But once you start reading this it’s impossible to keep a smile off your face. This starts off with the heroine of the book crashing down to the sidewalk and interrupting a couple of people having a conversation. They naturally assume that she is there to rob them, she insists that she’s actually a superhero, then drunkenly hits on the female member of the pair. It’s not easy to make a graceful exit from such a thing while hammered, so the rest of the first half of this book is her clambering up a wall, trying to get her monkey to help her up. Without giving too much away I’ll just say that the rest of this book is when they get to the serious drinking (on the page, that is, as it’s pretty clear that drinking happened before the book started), and we learn a bit about Fool Girl and two other “heroes” at the bar. I don’t how well a whole Fool Girl graphic novel would hold up, whether it would get annoying or whether it would end up being the best thing in the world, but this mini is fantastic all by itself. And that last page! That is exactly why everybody should have a monkey. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.