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Yoder, David – Lou Season #2


Lou Season #2

Where the last issue was about Lou and his hardships at school, this one is about his new best friend the gerbil, the girl he likes getting mixed signals about just how much Lou likes the gerbil, and the bully finally getting his. The story, such as it was set up in the first issue, pretty much flies off the rails here, but who cares? There’s a savage beating, a puffy gerbil and a heartwarmning ending, apparently to the whole story. It still looks great and it’s still pretty funny, so I don’t have anything to complain about here. If there was some serious buildup in the first issue here that was ignored it would be one thing, but this was never all that serious to begin with. Still no price, so I’m going to say that this one is $87. Oh, don’t forget the linked website at the top of the page, with probably the best web address in the universe.

Yoder, David – Lou Season #1


Lou Season #1

Ah, the wonders of elementary school. Combine that with the fact that the lead character here is a walking, talking duck, and you have all kinds of awkwardness. I don’t know much about Lou, except for the fact that he’s having a hard time getting into school, and that’s fine, it’s irrelevant to the story. This is all about Lou dealing with bullies, not noticing a girl and declaring the class gerbil as his new best friend. No way in the world is this his first comic (the art is way too polished and impressive), so I’m automatically curious about what else he’s done, as this one was just a blast all the way through. You can’t go wrong with a fun comic that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Here’s an e-mail address for more info, and oh these FLUKE people and their utter lack of cover prices. Oh well. Let’s call it $3 and call it a day.