Williams, Dylan – Reporter: Little Black

April 27, 2010


Reporter: Little Black Now Available! $8

If you thought that things were starting to come together after reading the first four issues of the Reporter series but hadn’t seen any of the scattered smaller stories, you haven’t seen anything yet. This book touches on just about everything that’s important, further fleshing everything out. Every time I read any of his books I want to read the other ones right away just so I can see how everything is coming together. The character guide at the start of the book is invaluable too. Usually I just ignore things like that, with this book I found myself constantly referencing it to make sure I knew who they were talking about. We get to see a lot more of Sylvia, find out what The Sloth’s story is, see the bandaged men in a quiet moment… There are all kinds of wonderful little stories in here. Some are as short as a page, the last one in the book is almost a full length comic at 17 pages. Look, just buy them all. Otherwise you won’t know everything that’s going on, and I get the feeling that you really have to know everything. Check out the new website!