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Cilla, Chris – Howling Swonk (with Greg Petix)


Howling Swonk (with Greg Petix)

Wasn’t I just complaining about newspaper strips yesterday? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this looks like a good one. It’s a small book, granted, and the content is a little uneven, but I could see where a big book of this could be pretty funny. It’s $2 for this one and I can tell you for sure that it’s well worth the money. Tons of random things happen, which is about as vague of a description as you’re likely to see, but there you have it. Let’s see… Uri Gellar’s daughter tries to kill the President because she loves Hillary, one man buys another a cock ring with unexpected results, and the Trix rabbit freaks out. A few of many and, like I said, most of them are funny. UPDATE 7/09/04: Chris has informed me that all the Swonk books are gone, but USS Catastrophe might be putting them all up on their website one of them days, so don’t fret!