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Various Kitchen Sink anthologies – Flock of Dreamers

Flock of Dreamers

I’ll give you a list of some of the names and you tell me if this is worth your while: Jim Woodring, Pat Moriarity, Robert Crumb, Rick Veitch, David Lasky, Eric Theriault, Jeremy Eaton, and Aleksander Zograf. Granted, there were a few names that I didn’t recognize at all, but there were all kinds of interesting dreams in here. Come on, tell me that you’re not wondering if Jim Woodring’s sleeping mind is as fascinating as his waking one. It’s an odd mix from all over the world and, as with any anthology, some things work and some things don’t, but what this has over the other anthologies is that everything is… unprotected, in a way. Sleeping is out most vulnerable state and everything listed in here is honest, even if some it’s kind of dull. Well worth a look, if only to see what these people dream about…

Theriault, Eric – Veena the Expanding Spiral


Veena the Expanding Spiral

Damn it all. I was under the impression that this book was the first issue and that I would be able to start off fresh. Turns out that this is #4 of the second volume, so he’s been at it for a while. Still, I must be doing OK if my worst problem is that I have to see what happened before this, and even that isn’t absolutely essential because the story doesn’t seem to have been continued anywhere. I mostly just want to because I liked the comic. Eric wrote to me almost write away many months ago when I first started Xerox Army and has been nothing but good people, so I’ve been preparing myself to be impressed with this for a while now. I should have broken down and gotten other issues before this, but this whole “being too poor to eat” thing really limits my options these days. Anyway, enough of the rambling. The first story in this sticks with me the most upon reflection. A man meets Veena in a bar and tells her about how he’s been reliving his life over and over again with the help of a genie, but he just can’t seem to get everything quite right. Great finish to this. I wish I knew the background to this character though. As far as I know all she does is sit in bars drinking. Cold Fluid, about a Captain America like guy hunting down Frankenstein to help him live longer, hearkened (can I use that in this century) back to the EC Comics days, except for the fact that the hero doesn’t do so well in this one. Oh come on, I didn’t give anything away. You can tell all that from the first page. Lots if little pieces in this too. A running serial with a man trapped in Hitler’s body (also goes back to the pulp days of comics), some dream stuff and a story about the “future”. A well-rounded book, all kinds of good stuff in here. I would have liked a little more Veena, so I guess it’s my own damned fault for not having more of them. I’ll fix that soon enough. This is a full size comic, so you should be able to find it if you have a halfway decent comic store anywhere near you. If not, visit his website for ordering info.