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Frey, Douglas – The Magpie #1


The Magpie #1

This might just be my favorite mini comic of the year. Well, I read a lot of comics and I have a notoriously bad memory, so that might not be as impressive a claim as it sounds right off the bat, but I loved this comic a lot. There’s a great quote on almost every page, a delusional (occasionally) magpie running around threatening people with physical violence, and general revelry. What’s not to love? What’s even more impressive is that Doug says this is his first mini comic, so I guess those sketchbook-like things were a good warmup. I’d say this is $3, I don’t want to ruin any more of this with analysis so I’ll just say that you should check the contact info up there immediately, send the man an e-mail and get a copy of this. Really!

Frey, Douglas – The Hed-Sed Murders


The Hed-Sed Murders

Sketchbook! That’s just a little advance warning in case you were expecting one of them there “formal reviews” or something. There are a couple of pages of something vaguely resembling stories, other than that you have sketches of dinosaurs, robot love, odd creatures, Rod Serling and many other things. Hey, why tell you everything that’s in here? As is the case with most sketchbooks, if you like the guy’s work, well, you’ll probably like this. If you don’t know who he is you’d probably be better off with his other book on this page before you decide if you want this one. Luckily it’s a free country (as of 3:35pm on 4/8/05, anyway) and you can ignore my advice if you want. Contact info is up there, this is a buck or two!

Frey, Douglas – The Stories of Tiny and Odd


The Stories of Tiny and Odd

Here’s an odd little tale (although I guess you can get that from the title) about two creatures who get out into the real world and decide to eat at a generic fast food place. One of the characters has never had it before and just wants the quiet life, the other one loves the greasy food. I wish I could tell you more than that, but there’s only 8 pages of story here (as well as some sketchbook pages that I liked a lot), so that’s all I know. He’s pretty clearly influenced by Dave Cooper and Marc Bell, which are two pretty great people to be influenced by. This may or may not be a good series, it’s hard to tell from just this issue, but I got more stuff from him at FLUKE and I’ll be able to give you a better idea in a few weeks or so. Here’s an e-mail address, this is 2 or 3 bucks (another one with a mystery price).