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Moorman, Ed Choy – Decorum #1


Decorum #1

First things first: that is one excellent cover.  Mostly because I’ve seen enough of Ed’s work to have my doubts that he would ever do anything like what’s on the cover (although it’s possible he just puts up a very good front), but any time leering leads to a floating cigarette it makes me happy.  I’m funny that way.  This is a collection of funnies, so if you’re made uncomfortable by exploring the profound mysteries of life, this one is for you!  Well, except for the part where he asks people how they fill the void in their lives.  That one might get you thinking, but your laughter at some of the answers (my favorite was cookie dough, followed closely by blood) should ease the pain of self-discovery.  Other pieces in here include a creepy dancing hand, a drunken brawl between a priest and a parishioner, his Uncle Joe’s Christmas card (apparently real, and a thing of true beauty), an even creepier dancing head on a torso, and sunbathing Jesus.  Once again I was torn on which page to use as a sample, and as the image below made me laugh out loud both times through the comic, it was the winner by a nose.  When the only complaint I have is that I wish there were more pages, that’s the mark of a pretty damned successful comic.  Buy it already!  $3