Moorman, Ed Choy – Comic Strip ’til Nude

April 24, 2010



Comic Strip ’til Nude

See, I knew that the four panel comic strip format could be done well.  Granted, this isn’t a perfect book, but it does help show people stuck with the idea that a punchline is required that there are actually other ways to go.  This is a smallish collection of daily strips by Ed, which were apparently done on his website first.  His website has a whole pile of comics, just so you know, some like these and some longer stories.  For any readers (if they exist) who follow this site every day, Ed is also a contributor to the Good Minnesotan anthologies.  So now that the trivia is out of the way, how about them comics?  A lot of the strips are interpretive and either wordless or contain only a few words, leaving all sorts of room for interpretation.  Themes that are easier to nail down include his constant thought, a mean turtle, begging to get back together, Stevie Wonder as a child, bravery, icebergs, dry-humping, and OCD.  Chances are I got at least one of those wrong too, but that’s a risk of the bidness, I suppose.  Whole strips didn’t do a thing for me, frankly, but I was so happy to see a richness of four panel strips for once that it was easily ignored.  Sizes vary, there are no recognizable characters from strip to strip, and even though there is the occasional punchline, it’s clearly not required in Ed’s head (if I can put on my mind reading hat for a moment), so kudos to him for that.  Recommended if you’re as big of a dork as I am about that sort of thing, or if you don’t mind spending a buck for a pretty solid collection of strips.  $1