Craig, David – Total Eclipse of Brick

July 12, 2024


Total Eclipse of Brick

Is this the first time we see actual humans in the world of Brick, or is my memory just that bad? Betting on my memory being crap is usually the safe way to go, but I think this might be the first appearance of humans. Anyway! Several stories in this one, most involving pages much more complex than the sample image I used, but if you think I’m going to pass up a chance to post an image of Silver Surfer Brick, you are off your rocker. Stories deal with Brick and family making and eating breakfast (if you were curious which of those three holes was used for food, the mystery has been solved!), Brick cleaning house and coming up with a solid use for the funk in a vacuum bag, Brick trying to ride a bike through rush hour traffic and ending up crashing through a window (which leads to a big disagreement when the driver makes a natural assumption about how it happens; I should also point out that everybody besides Brick in this one is human), Brick winning a baseball game and the necessity of using a creative interpretation of the rule book to have it happen, Brick as Brick Tracy (although we only get one of the villains from that ridiculous rogue’s gallery, but it’s a good one), and Brick and family getting jostled on a walk home. Finally there’s the big story of the book, dealing with Brick trying to observe an eclipse, getting too close of a look at it, and ending up a cosmic surfer who just so happens to be silver. Heavily inspired by Jack Kirby (which David mentions), and it’s really a gorgeous homage to the man. I approve of Brick getting more out into the real world, as that really opens up the story possibilities. Give it a shot, everybody! I’m still hoping for Brick becoming a household hero/part of some vast cinematic universe. $15

Craig, David – Curse of Brick

August 8, 2022


Curse of Brick

I’m sure David’s already thought of this, but if he doesn’t eventually put all these brick stories into a giant omnibus edition that’s shaped like a brick, he’s a fool. A fool I say! While we’re all waiting for that happy eventuality, he’s out with another hefty collection of stories about our hero, who just happens to be a sentient brick. Or is it about different bricks who all look the same? Anyway, this one is chock full of stories, and the subjects include being in the Olympics (a couple of those, actually, which makes me think he made those during the actual Olympics), trying to figure out the weakness of a hockey goalie who’s a cinderblock, a barber trying to figure out how to give Brick a shave and a haircut, feeding the wildlife, taking a union job, the price for eating too much candy on Halloween, the magical world Brick discovers under him after he hibernates for the winter (with art by Montevarious), Brick in space (with art by James Spencer, and after seeing him wearing a spacesuit I’m suddenly confused by whether or not he needs to breathe, which means I’m thinking too much), and a too brief glimpse into some of his friends, each one of whom seems like would be capable of having their own stories told. Finally there’s the sprawling title story, which starts off as an Indiana Jones parody, wanders in to a flashback dealing with how the pyramids were actually made, and ending with a cliffhanger that throws all of human history into question. Unless, once again, I’m thinking too hard, in which case it’s just funny. It’s another solid collection of stories, and once again I’m impressed and amazed at how much story David seems to get out of a literal brick. He also has plenty of samples on his website if you’re skeptical, but give it a shot why don’t you?