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Robinson, Alex – Box Office Poison Junkyard


Box Office Poison Junkyard

I was just about to start making fun of the man for not putting anything out in years other than this, then I went to his website and saw that he’s been working on a new book called Tricked for some time, he’s just not doing it in installments. I suppose I can live with that, and in the meantime we have little filler books like this to keep us busy. This is informative as hell, if you’re interested in some of the origins of obscure parts of Box Office Poison. He even throws in a couple of (rightly) discarded scenes from the graphic novel, even though they are still worth reading. Other than that it’s a bunch of pinups and some rambling, but it’s a nice little addition to a giant book. You can probably get it for a dollar or two, unless of course it’s only available at conventions or something, then I’d feel like a heel…

Robinson, Alex – Box Office Poison


Box Office Poison

Oops. Looks like one of the casualties of the update was my Alex Robinson page. What can I say, I’m lucky that a lot more stuff isn’t screwed up on this site. I’m making this computer knowledge up as I go, folks. Well, you’ll get a more thorough review AGAIN later, but for now you should know a few things. I almost didn’t buy this book and it turned out being one of my favorites of the year. It’s expensive (although a lot cheaper with the 30% off that Amazon is doing these days) and it’s huge (608 pages) and every last bit of it is good. I really can’t say enough good about this book. Better characters have rarely been in a graphic, and I’m even talking about the tiny supporting characters.