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Hon, Anthony – Jack and Lucky #3


Jack and Lucky #3

Oh, so THAT’S why that incredibly gorgeous woman has been spending so much time with Jack. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, but this issue really gets the story moving, and has a great fight scene between Lucky and Luna’s dog. And the promise of more fight scenes to come! If you don’t know what’s going on in the story, why are you reading a review for #3? Go back and read the other reviews to get caught up, or just buy the damned comics already, there are only three of them and they’re a joy to look at. Luna and Jack go back to his place in this issue, and there’s even an autobio story in the back. First time I’ve seen anything by him in that genre (unless my crappy memory is failing me again) and it’s a good story. He talks about his formative years and how his parents never believed he was capable of doing much of anything. Fairly standard autobio stuff, but he does a great job of it. I can’t wait to see more, mostly because of the excellent cliffhanger ending, and can’t recommend this enough for those of you who are still into this comics nonsense mostly because you like purty pictures…

Hon, Anthony – Jack and Lucky #2


Jack and Lucky #2

Quick, what’s Anthony selling with that cover? Not that I begrudge him his constitutional right to draw beautiful, shapely women or anything, but a little bit of subtlety never killed anybody. Strangely enough, the inside of the comic is mostly about Jack and his job, which involves coming up with new ideas for video games. He also gets the recap of what happened to him when he almost drowned in the last issue, and at the end of a crappy day he gets asked out by Luna, that girl on the cover. I might have mentioned this before, but his art is damned near flawless. He skimps out on a background or two in certain panels, but you could only say that if you expect lavish backgrounds in every panel. As it is, more often that not there’s a lot going on in the background, and I’m just floored by the sheer talent of this guy. What about the story? Oh yeah, the story. It’s building, is all I can say about it right now. Looks like there’s more than the obvious to Luna, and things might heat up at work, and what the hell is up with the giant cat? For a book this gorgeous, I’m content to sit back for a few more issues and wait for the story to develop. Contact info is up there, it’s $2, buy these now before he’s tremendously famous!

Elliott, W.E. – Almost Normal Comics and Other Oddities #2


Almost Normal Comics and Other Oddities #2

Here’s another great anthology from W.E., with stories about making minis to impress a girl, snail wrestling, jazz pianos, adventurers getting an amulet, spying on regular people, not flying, controlling women and making money doing it, a man crashing a beauty contest, a stripper, fish, being abducted by North Korea, the good old days, a whiner, and trying to balance finding a job and finding a girlfriend. That enough for you? No? Well, I left out the parts from W.E., including the real story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, an ancient talking box and an interview with Trent Haaga. Actually, that’s my only real complaint of the book: not enough W.E.! Those little one page stories make the book and there should be at least ten of them per anthology. Am I asking too much? Maybe. That’s what I’m here for! Here’s a list of the talent: Patrick Findlay, Alejandro Alvarez, Matt Levin, Ron LeBrasseur, Adrian Velazco, Phil McAndrew, Buck Weiss, Shannon Gretzon, Jeff T. Kane, Kel Crum, Peter Conrad, David Recine, Simon Mackie, Herve Largeaud, Yul Tolbert, and Anthony Hon. You can find plenty of those people on this page if you’re curious about this book, but seriously, it’s worth the price of admission to find out what really happened to those seven dwarfs, and there’s not really a weak story in the bunch, which is all you can ever ask out of an anthology. It’s $5.50 but it’s huge, contact info is up there!

Hon, Anthony – Jack and Lucky #1


Jack and Lucky #1

OK, take a look at the cover. I know that giant cat thing was right there, but it still really freaked me out when I saw it for the first time. See, the first six pages were all about Jack trying to pick up a girl in a book store. When he came home for the day, without even thinking this was odd, there’s a giant cat sitting on his couch watching TV. Maybe I missed an introduction or something, or maybe giant cats are the norm in his world, but I stopped noticing by the end of the issue anyway. About the only complaint I have about the issue is that Anthony seems to to be unable to draw anything but gorgeous, buxom women, if that’s really a complaint. Other than that the art is nothing short of phenomenal and the sampler comic he sent me showed that he can draw regular women too. I don’t see how he could ever hope to put something this detailed out on a regular basis, but I’m more than willing to check it out while he does. Send him an e-mail or check out his website, why don’t you?