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Cilla, Chris – A Moon, A Girl… Swonk (with Greg Petix)


A Moon, A Girl… Swonk (with Greg Petix)

There are times when I can resist scanning both parts of a wrap-around cover, and there are times when I just can’t help myself. Well, take a look at it, what do you expect? I’m only human. What you have here is a collection of strips, about half of which are completely random and unconnected, and about half of which are a long tale about a man trying to gather Hitler’s paintbrush, Hirohito’s monocle, Mussalini’s hairpiece, and Stalin’s moustache. The unconnected strips deal with the real story of Jesus, Chicken Soup for your ass, learning from the Road Runner cartoons, video “reviews”, why onions make you cry, and the origin of Swonk. I can’t tell you which set I liked better, which is probably a good sign for the comic as a whole. If you like newspaper strips that actually make you laugh (and they are a very rare breed), then you should probably check this out. $2