Dow, Matt – Racecar Comics #2


Racecar Comics #2

How is it possible to put out two issues of a comic series and give no indication in either of any sort of contact information? Unless maybe these comics only exist at cons and it’s not possible to get them anyplace other than SPACE, or he doesn’t want anybody to read these. The second issue is a departure from the first, as this a cover-to-cover story, not a series of gags like last time. This one had its moments, but I honestly miss the gags. It’s the story of Iguana and Beer wandering around, dealing with the White Witch (of Narnia, and Matt’s hoping very much he doesn’t get sued), smoking some Narnia weed and ending up in hell. Oh, and starring in their own movie. It’s a convoluted tale, no doubt about it. Also more than occasionally amusing, like when the robber looked just like the guy from old Atari game Kaboom. This is definitely in the “low brow” scale of entertainment, but fun enough for what it is. It still looks like crap though, don’t be fooled there. Anyway, all of this is moot because this comic only exists on the computer screen you are currently viewing, as Matt Dow has no contact information. One of these days I’ll solve this mystery, until then you have to content yourselves with the sample.

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