Dow, Matt – Racecar Comics #3


Racecar Comics #3

Huzzah, we have an e-mail! Send all mail up to that link at the top of the page, if you’re curious about this stuff. This issue is another full length tale, this time with various assorted beings taking a shot at becoming the next Mouse Skull star. It’s a parody of both American Idol and the old Legion of Super Heroes stories where the losers would try to join. In here you have Fluffy the Jungle Bunny, Mister Mann Who Wears Pants, Octo-Jesus (who brings down the wrath of Angry Jesus), Break Dancing Buddha, and Nebulous Man, among many, many others. There are more than a few funny moments in here, and some that fall flat, but it’s a fun little book for only a buck. I still prefer the shorter gag format for Matt, but oh well. Oh, and it still mostly looks like crap, in case you were somebody who only reads the gorgeous comics. $1

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