Dow, Matt – Racecar Comics #1


Racecar Comics #1

Sketchbook funnies! There, that’s all a bunch of people are going to need to know about this one. It looks like crap (but well-intentioned crap), but it has a good number of funny strips. Matt started doing these at cons to sort of cover for his friend Kelly Howlett while she was doing serious sketches, they got a bit of a following and he decided to put them all in a book for a dollar. Topics include why he’s not an artist, animals, stuff he’ll probably get sued for (mostly parodies of trademarked comic book characters), musical strips, things sure to offend people, and completely random stuff. The musical stuff didn’t do much for me at all, everything else had at least a few funny strips, my favorite being the one about the hamburger. Also on the flip side is two of Matt’s characters (he has another comic coming soon), Iguana and Beer, stumbling across the corpse of Cerebus at the end of that series. He got Dave Sim to go along with it, but it’s a pointless little story. Still, what better place for a pointless little story about one of your favorite comic people than your very own mini comic? Can’t begrudge the man that, and it’s probably cute to the super duper Cerebus fans. Personally I still haven’t finished the series (I’m at about #275, not that that has anything to do with anything), but it was one of those formative things that led me into all these other small press comics, so there will always be more than a little love there for me. And what did that have to do with anything? Oh well. Matt also spent a fair amount of time in the back of the book trying to figure out what he forgot, and I figured it out: contact information! He left it for his friend Kelly Howlett ( so just check out her stuff instead, I guess… $1

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