Dinse, Kurt – One Year in Indiana


One Year in Indiana

My first thought upon reading that cover is probably pretty obvious: how much does it really mean to call yourself America’s smartest death metal vocalist? Granted, maybe the lyrics of most death metal songs are lyrical poetry, but I’ve never understood what difference that makes if you can’t understand them. And this concludes the “you damned kids with your loud music” portion of the review. As a comic this is a great ball of fun, as Kurt tells the story of, well, one year in Indiana. Kurt, after living in a bus for ages, finally “settles down” on a couch in a tiny house in Indiana and this comic recounts the history of Liquid Breakfast (a local tradition involving drinking heavily in the wee hours of the morning); his lovely temp job of, as he puts it, of “taking things that were NOT in boxes and putting them INTO boxes”; the difficulty of making a beer run when being utterly snowed in and the odd people he met along his walk; and how playing Tomb Raider for too long can make the rest of the world seem like an adventure game. The man has some chops in the writing department and that’s the kind of art I can look at all day, so there’s not a damned thing to complain about here. He even has web links to various people and events in the book so the reader can follow along at home. $3

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