Dinski, Will – Habitual Entertainment #1


Habitual Entertainment #1

Holy crap does this book look great. I’ll get to the inside in a minute, but the cover and packaging are fantastic. There’s a black filmy wrapping covering a blue and red cover that’s slightly thicker than the other pages. It’s all the more impressive because it looks like he did the whole thing himself, so kudos for that. As for the comic, that’s pretty great too. It’s a completely self-contained story about an office, the people who work there and the asshole son of the boss who’s going to wind up running the company some day. Oh, and it’s about what it takes to push a man to kill. Sort of. Good stuff all around and, as usual, if I tell you much more than that it’s going to start ruining things. I have another issue to review in a week or so that’ll help tell me for sure, but from one issue it sure looks like Will is a pretty damned gifted cartoonist and somebody you should probably keep an eye on. $3

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