Dinse, Kurt – One Year in Indiana SPACE 2009 Edition



One Year In Indiana SPACE 2009 Edition

It must be obvious enough where most of the reviews have been coming from over the last few weeks, but the title of this one takes all the mystery away.  There are a couple of stories in this one, and I have no idea if they’re brand new for SPACE or if they’re stories that he put together into this book to sell, but either way it’s a decent mini.  The bulk of the story is taken up with a story of a recent short tour, detailing some of the dives he slept in and how he ended up with a fairly bizarre throat infection.  And while I hate to make fun of the death metal crowd I just can’t resist: how exactly can you tell when a death metal lead singer has a sore throat?  Kurt also explains how the antibiotic medicine ended up being a perfect mixer for whiskey, and while it’s something I’d never thought of, it makes perfect sense now.  The second story is a shortie, and it deals with a conversation with two people smoking pot in stereotypical (yet all too true) fashion.  Funny stuff in here, although as a whole it seemed a lot more light and fluffy than the last issue.  Which, being a SPACE book, was probably the point.  Worth checking out, if you can find it outside of SPACE, but I’d say to start with his meatier minis first.  No price, so let’s say $2 or a trip back in time to SPACE 2009.


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