Dickinson, Shawn & Snodgrass, Noah – Untamed Highway #2


Untamed Highway #2

Ah, so HERE’S where whole traveling aspect of the series kicks in. Syd is on the hunt in this issue for that nasty lizard freak, but the people who sent him on the hunt don’t entirely trust him, so he’s being secretly followed by two other people. Oh, and he has a clamp on his leg so he can’t do much besides drive around. So, naturally, he runs into a naked fat guy who offers to help him out. Giving more of this away is silly, as it’s all about the journey. I will say that there’s a particularly satisfying fight scene involving a talking gorilla, a giant head and a shotgun, but that’s it. All kinds of detail in the art (even the backgrounds), a pretty compelling story so far, and a frantic quality to the whole thing, even on the pages where not much is actually happening. A pretty damned good comic, in other words, and it’s hefty enough so that the $3.95 price seems more than fair…

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