Cherry, Tom – Eric Whetsel is Johnny Tobaccoseed



Eric Whetsel is Johnny Tobaccoseed

You can never really go wrong with jokes about hippies, although I think the jury is still out on jokes about calling somebody with a literal pot on his head a pothead.  This is another shortie by Tom (and were you aware that you could get all 4 books listed on this page for $1?  That’s tiny), this time about Johnny Tobaccoseed and his journey to tell all the children about the wonders of tobacco, after first creeping them out a little bit.  Unfortunately for him Johnny Appleseed is tired of his schtick being stolen, and we’re treated to a good old fashioned cartoon brawl, with flying fists and stars in a swirling circular cloud.  I think I judged these too quickly as simple all ages fun, and have been drifting away from that conclusion with every passing mini.  Granted, kids could probably pick these up and miss most of the humor (although with the internet and all kids are probably more worldly than I give them credit for), but Tom manages to sneak some subtleties in for adults and careful readers, which is impressive given how tiny these things are.  $.25, good luck finding a better comic bargain than that.


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