Cherry, Tom – Nibble #1



Nibble #1

Here’s another tiny mini from Tom (or the first mini, if you’re reading this sequentially, which is how you probably are reading this in the future, as that’s how they’re listed and all).  This one details an alternate theory on the life and death of Abraham Lincoln, as told to a young man asking his grandmother for help with a school essay.  Grandma seems slightly confused in her memory of Abe, which leads to a rather amusing (and tiny, as you might have guessed from that price tag) comic. It’s long been my opinion that people who only put out pricey comics should at least have cheapies for people like me who wander around conventi0ns and quickly run out of money to buy hefty graphic novels, and Tom certainly has that idea down cold.  It doesn’t hurt a thing that they’re all funny so far and leave me intrigued as to what else he’s done.  Check it out, if you can still afford a quarter in this economy.


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