Cherry, Tom – Reader Copy



Reader Copy

It’s hard to lower expectations more than that cover does, isn’t it?  Setting the bar that low, naturally, makes it pretty easy to clear, which Tom manages easily.  This is a 24 hour comic, meaning that you give up any serious expectations of quality at the door and may or may not come away pleasantly surprised.  The story here, such as it is, is that a young boy and a big old talking fish decide to have a picnic.  Well, the fish decides, the boy crankily agrees.  The boy’s bad attitude extends all the way to him insulting the sun, and the sun responds by leaving.  Meaning, for a few pages at least, solid black panels with some dialogue.  Then there’s the overweight Jesus freak stripper who appears out of nowhere, although it turns out that there is a plan for her later.  Or least there kind of is.  Hey, maybe some people would be turned off by this level of randomness, but not me.  Tom is nothing is not up front about the fact that this probably isn’t going to be his best work, and that famous fourth wall is smashed through over and over.  I had a blast reading it, which is all you can ask for out of the 24 hour comics especially.  $.50


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