The Ongoing Saga That Is Threatening To Kill This Website

So the third scanner came a few days ago and gave me the same error message as the first two. I finally wised up enough to try the scanner on a different computer and, sure enough, it’s all the fault of my current computer. Canon sent me a helpful list of suggestions to fix it, none of them worked, and now I’m waiting for another response. At this point I’m all for sending the scanner back, getting a refund and starting over with an entirely new brand/model, not because of Canon (they’ve been helpful overall, although I wish their first instinct wasn’t just to send a scanner back if it didn’t work on the first try), but because my computer, no matter what model, consistently fails me. How did I end up with a website again? Oh yeah, there was a lack of this sort of website around when I started almost ten years ago. Anyway, sorry it’s been almost a month between updates, and the way things are going I’m just going to buy another scanner and be done with it. When that happens the reviews are going to come in chunks, as I’ve been keeping the rambling bottled up for almost a month, so your patience will be rewarded eventually.

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