So it turns out that the replacement scanner had the exact same problem as the original scanner. Who would have thought? Certainly not the fine people at Canon. I was going to post an update about this yesterday, when the replacement scanner arrived, but I figured a string of expletives wouldn’t be very useful to anybody. Today I can tell you much more calmly that ANOTHER replacement scanner is on the way, so if this one works things will be back to normal at some point next week. This is assuming that anybody even still looks at this site, as I am well aware of the short attention span of the public at large. Still, if you are reading this, my offer to ship any comic orders out the same day that I get them still stands, as this unplanned vacation is going to continue for at least a few more days. For whatever it’s worth, I am clearing out my schedule so that I have plenty of time for comics when I do get a working scanner…

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