Kleid, Neil – Rant Comics #3


Rant Comics #3

How the heck could I have missed this guy? Sure, it’s only #3, but you’d think there would be a bigger stink about him. This was a solid, if not fantastic, book. A few stories in here. The first is part one of a larger series about suburbia and trying to get out of it. Yes, everybody and their brother has done a story about being tired of where they live, but Neil does it really well. Then there’s a tiny piece about Explodey the Clown, a great illustration that he can do humor as well as the serious stuff, and a great chance to see a ten year old child explode. The illustrated history of New Coke is great too, although the bit about the roller of spring rolls didn’t do much for me. But then, I’ve never had a job quite that awful, so maybe I just couldn’t relate. The art seemed a bit scrunched, if you must have a complaint. Was it shrunk down for the sake of fitting into the mini format or am I just being oversensitive? Whatever the case, get this book, read it, and enjoy it. Good work all around. Check out the website or send him an e-mail, this one was $2.

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