Zwirek, Jeff – Burning Building Comix #4


Burning Building Comix #4

OK, now this is REALLY taking shape here, as opposed to last time when they were sort of taking shape. It’s becoming more and more obvious the tone this story is going to take when read up and down after the whole thing is done. Apparently that’s not going to be with this issue, but it’s impossible to say exactly when that will be. The “how to read this” box on the inside cover only indicates four issues, but it’s not like that means anything. Two more tales in this one, as is the case in this series. The bottom story is of an aspiring satanist who finally gets some “results” with his incantation to make fire, although no help at all in the department of Satan making him a girlfriend or giving him the ability to fly. Above that is the story of an apparently accident-prone young man who has a near death experience after he knocks his plasma screen on top of himself. It’s the first real bit of the story of this building that takes place outside the building, at least metaphysically speaking. In any case, there are officially enough issues of this series out that you can start reading them up and down just to see where it’s headed. Go ahead, it’s allowed. $3

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