Zwirek, Jeff – Burning Building Comix #3


Burning Building Comix #3

Things are really taking shape with this series, and it looks like my guess of 3-5 issues may be about right. Jeff sent me #4 along with this (which I flipped through, making my “review one comic from one person at a time” pledge very difficult to keep) and I’m guessing that the next issue will be the last. Unless this particular apartment building has more than ten floors? Not that I’m in any rush for this series to be over, it’s an absolute blast, but I am starting to wonder how the story is going to stay as coherent being read up and down (when done) as it is now being read side to side. This issue, as always, has two stories. First up is the tale of a young man coming home from school, smoking a little pot and discovering that his apartment is on fire. Panic sets in, a supersoaker is finally useful in a practical way… but maybe a fire isn’t the worst thing in the world after all. The story above that one involves an alcoholic man and his alcoholic wife, the latter of whom is having some serious trouble telling what’s real and what’s a hallucination. Also, Jeff gets extra points for making mutual spousal abuse funny again. After that peek at the next issue it probably won’t be long until I get another review up here, but honestly, if you’re looking for a completely new comics experience, Jeff has really hit on something here. $3

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